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Our talented professionals will create a unique and personal experience, specially designed to meet your individual needs. Come and enjoy one of our many fabulous massages or relaxing facials.

Massage Services

Swedish Body Massage


  • We massage your tired muscles for improved circulation so that you will come out feeling totally relaxed.
    Treatment time: 30 Minutes/60 Minutes/90 Minutes

    *30 minute Swedish Massage is focused on back, neck and head tension.
Prenatal Massage


  • The expectant mother (and baby) can relax while the therapist soothes sore muscles, swollen legs and feet. A must for all soon-to-be moms.
    Treatment time: 30 Minutes/60 Minutes
Therapeutic/Deep Tissue Massage


  • Intensified pressure with a combination of trigger points and other techniques to work specific problems or chronic pain.
    Treatment time: 60 Minutes/90 Minutes


  • Stimulation of 7000(+) nerve endings in the hands and feet will relieve stress and release energy to the entire body.
    Treatment time: 30 Minutes
Integrative Massage


  • A 90 minute Swedish-based massage combining neuro-muscular therapy, myofascial release and cranio-sacral therapy. This treatment is great for athletes, seniors, children, weekend warriors, and those dealing with repetetive motion and work-related stress.
    Treatment time: 90 Minutes
Aromatherapy Massage


  • An array of scented essential oils are used to relax, calm, or invigorate your body.
    Treatment time: 60 Minutes/90 Minutes
Sports Massage


  • This massage can accelerate the healing process and ease overworked muscles. Great after a hard workout.
    Treatment time: 30 Minutes/60 Minutes